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Fiberbuilt Ball Trays

Fiberbuilt Ball Trays will not crack or fade over time. All of our ball trays are made from a compounded rubber (equipped with drainage holes) and are available in many shapes and sizes.

Choose from pyramid ball trays, rectangular ball trays, half moon ball trays, or ask us about our custom options!

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Pyramid Ball Trays

Our Pyramid Ball Trays, come in three sizes that hold 91, 140 or 204 balls. These ball trays are made of a compounded rubber so they will not crack or fade overtime. Each Pyramid Ball Tray is complete with a gutter around the edge for easy golf ball transfer to the mat.

Wing Ball Tray

Our Half Moon Ball Tray holds approximately 150 balls and can be used either beside your mat or behind it. The Half Moon Ball Tray was a Fiberbuilt original and is very popular with the purchase of our Traditional Mat Systems. Made of rubber, the Half Moon Ball Tray is the only ball tray you will ever need to purchase.

Pyramid Stacking Ball Tray

Our Pyramid Stacking Ball Tray can hold up to 340 balls in a pyramid shape, and 400 balls in a random pattern.

196 Rubber Ball Tray

Our 196 Ball Tray, can hold around 220 balls in any random assortment, and it’s internal slope allows balls to roll into position making them easy to pull onto the Fiberbuilt Mat.