The Benefits of a Backyard Putting Green


So, you want to play golf more often? You want to improve the look of your backyard, while you improve your short game. Have you ever dreamed of stepping out in your backyard and being able to do so? With the Fiberbuilt backyard links we make this possible. The Fiberbuilt backyard links are a

How To Improve Your Short Game (at home)


Getting to the golf course regularly can be unrealistic. You have a busy schedule! Even getting to the local driving range to practice your putting and chipping can be difficult. But what if you could improve your short game right in your own backyard? TA DA! The Fiberbuilt Backyard Links. A backyard putting

The Importance of Quality Golf Mats at Your Range


Does the mat matter? Is a golf mat just a golf mat? Does it really matter how durable it is? Does it really matter what performance it provides? OF COURSE! How many times have you heard that people always prefer hitting off real grass, instead of golf mats? Probably lots… But what if

Common Golf Injuries & How They Can Be Prevented


One of the most common injuries from playing golf is Back Pain. That pinch or knot in your back that you just can’t seem to kick. That tightening of the muscles that you want to go away… What’s the key to a strong back, and a pain free back? A strong core! You

How Important Are The Aesthetics of Your Range To Your Customers?


There was a study completed in 2015 on the effects of physical environment on brand loyalty and the effects of brand image, particularly related to golf courses. What they found was that not only did the physical environment serve as a critical factor to retaining customers but also to attracting new ones. The important

How Much Time & Money Is Spent Fixing Your Divots?


That dreaded ugly looking hole in your golf range. The divot. Repairing divots are an integral part of the superintendent’s or his staff’s, job. So how much are these divots really costing you? According to “Grounds Maintenance” online magazine, the average golfer will leave around 12 divots per round. On a daily average of

The Importance of Club Fittings


This is your year! You’re going to improve your golf game, and take your golf skill to new levels. But how do you know you’re using the right type of clubs for your swing and ability? Do you require the lie of your club to be more open, or more closed? Does your swing require

(Our) Top 5 Golf Courses


Everyone's must play golf courses might be slightly different than the person next to you, but the bottom line is, there are some golf courses all over the world, that are a MUST see! Here at Fiberbuilt we have compiled a list of our top 5 golf courses we would love to play, so we

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