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Fiberbuilt Components

The Fiberbuilt Mat Systems are unique, because when you purchase a Fiberbuilt Mat you do not need to replace everything if it ever gets worn out. You can simply replace what’s worn, when it’s worn. Stance mats will typically tend to wear out the fastest, so looking for a new stance mat? No problem, just purchase the turf to go inside the Fiberbuilt foundation, and you’re good as new! Only have 1 part of your Fiberbuilt Grass Panel that has over time worn out? Again, no problem! You can simply replace the genuine Fiberbuilt Grass section (available in 1’x1′ panels). Need more tees? We’ve got those too! The list of components goes on, so just order exactly what you are looking for, at a fraction of the cost of a whole new mat.

Choose from a variety of Fiberbuilt Components to help complete your Fiberbuilt Mat System. If you would like help from our sales team, please feel free to contact us using the form below.

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