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Frequently Asked Questions

Fiberbuilt uses only the highest quality materials available and strives to deliver the same value today that our customers first talked about in 1959. We are dedicated to engineering the most premium golf mats available, and although our high-quality products have gone global, our family grown innovation guides us and keeps us grounded. The training, preparation and commitment golfers make to achieve their goal is what inspires us here at Fiberbuilt.

The ultimate goal of lower score is what motivates people who use Fiberbuilt’s mats and our highest priority is to provide the means necessary to satisfy that goal. Like the athletes who use our mats, we strive to stay ahead setting a pace that cannot be matched. We are dedicated to re-imagining technology’s and innovative designs. Our mats look as good as they perform. Fiberbuilt Golf Mats boost a golfer’s confidence from the moment they take their first practice swing to their first tee off. We aim to make golfers better, and we will continue to do so!

Fiberbuilt began in Calgary in 1959, as a hand assembly operation that focused on floor brooms. Over 50 years of research and development, Fiberbuilt has evolved into a highly mechanized and complex production in a number of very diverse industry market segments. Today, Fiberbuilt not only produces long fiber grass products and pipeline brushes, but also manufactures a standard of brushes and designs industry specific custom brushes for a range of markets; including food service, street maintenance, marine fishing, oil and gas, mining and so much more!

Fiberbuilt golf mats virtually eliminate the impact on the lead elbow and shoulder to reduce injury, otherwise caused by traditional golf mats.

A traditional carpet used at some driving ranges, typically offers very little absorption and can actually be the root cause of golf injuries.

A study we completed at the University of Calgary Performance Laboratory, Sports Medicine Centre reported that 90% of the participants using the Fiberbuilt Grass Mats felt it offered the most absorption and overall best quality. The mat simulates hitting off a lush fairway, therefor reducing the risk of injury.

When you purchase the Fiberbuilt grass panels, the interlocking panels allow you to rotate the grass for extended wear.

A Fiberbuilt golf mat is not carper or Astro Turf, but instead is a tufted surface of engineered mono-filaments designed to look, feel and play like real grass.

How long does the Performance Turf last? 

This will depend on the frequency of use and environmental conditions. Based on the amount of nylon per yard this product will offer exceptional durability.

Fiberbuilt 401 – 32oz per square yard + foam backing

Performance Turf – 120oz per square yard + thinner biocell backing

Fiberbuilt Grass – 150oz per square yard

It is important to note that the fibers will compact and the performance turf will therefore become slightly firmer underfoot over time.

Both mat systems offer the life like feel of a fairway. The durability of both mat systems is exceptional and both mat systems offer a rubber foundation for an extra soft feel.

The Performance Mats are Fiberbuilt’s latest grass where it allows you to place a tee anywhere on the stance mat, not just within the Fiberbuilt grass, for multiple practicing opportunities. The performance mat system typically comes with the performance EPS pods and rubber foundation (which allows for light weight and a semi-custom design), comes in a beautiful “on-course” green color, and the grass is blended with UV inhibitors, so the color will not fade. The long fiber of the performance mat system provides the golfer with a realistic club turf interaction and ball flight performance.

Our Traditional Mat Systems consist of two different color choices; stadium green or on course green. The solid rubber foundation has compression cell technology for superior traction and is available in a single or double sided system.

Nylon fiber grass offers the tightest lie in the market. It is extremely durable and softer than Poly for a more life like hitting surface. Poly fiber is also durable, but is also water resistant. The fibers are a little tougher than the Nylon. Poly is a great choice for budget conscious purchases but still looking for the high performance and durability.
Our sales representatives are happy to discuss any custom work that may need to be completed. The Fiberbuilt grass components are designed so that they can fit any means necessary and be adjusted into multiple different combinations and styles.
There are drainage holes in the bottom of the backing every 2 square feet.
That is perfectly fine! The beautiful thing about our Performance Turf is that you can place a tee anywhere, and the grass is not required.
Absolutely! While we do recommend that that the turf is used with our performance foundation for longer durability, injury prevention, and a more lifelike feel the performance turf realistically can be affixed to the ground with a variety of methods.
Tee Boxes tend to get a lot of divots and wear, due to their use. If you want to keep your Tee Box looking new, Fiberbuilt can build you a Tee Box with our extremely durable and high quality Performance Turf. Contact one of our sales representatives today for your custom quote.
All Fiberbuilt products are under warranty for 1 year against manufacturer’s defects.
Fiberbuilt is the first company to come up with the ‘component’ mat system – consisting of a rubber foundation, turf stance mat and grass hitting mat. Only replace the components that are worn. We offer several types of mat systems with different types of stance and hitting mat options. We also offer a continuous tee line as well as teaching mat/studio mat options.
At this time, we don’t retail our mats nor have local distributors of our products. You can purchase direct from our experienced, knowledgeable sales team at Fiberbuilt.
We carry 4 sizes of hollow range tees but our most popular is our adjustable tee system – a tee assembled into a holder – it’s adjustable and durable and remains securely in place hit after hit.
Shipping charges vary upon zip or postal code, weight and dimensions.
Most orders are shipped within 48 hours except for those with a lead time.
US or Canadian issued Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted for your convenience.

Net 30 Days terms are available to golf facilities with a pre-approved credit application.

International shipments are prepaid in advance via wire transfer.

Fiberbuilt’s core product is a completely modular system. Compared to traditional turf mats which are a single piece. Fiberbuilt’s mat systems allow the user to rotate both the stance and hitting surfaces to balance wear. Additionally, the Fiberbuilt Grass hitting area is actually comprised of four 1′ x 1′ panels, allowing the user to further rotate panels throughout a 1′ x 4′ hitting surface.