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Fiberbuilt Grass

Fiberbuilt Grass has been proven to the most realistic, safest and most durable artificial hitting surface on the market for your golf mat. Fiberbuilt golf mats with our unique hitting surface has low friction/resistance fibers will not grab the club. Fairway woods and hybrids sweep through the grass allowing for pure ball contact that provide accurate launch angles and ball spin with no club head bounce. The fibers in the grass are color fast and will not fade from exposure to the elements and are engineered for strength and durability. Fiberbuilt Grass has been Ironman tested to withstand over 300,000 swings before beginning to show wear.

Fiberbuilt Grass is made from a special blend of monofilaments engineered for strength and durability. To resist color fading, the blend includes UV inhibitors to protect fibers from the elements. The low friction and fibers that Fiberbuilt Grass is made of will not grab or twist the club.

Nylon Fiberbuilt grass is available in either Stadium Green color or On Course Green color, for whatever your preference.

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Injury Prevention

Injury Report

Fiberbuilt Grass virtually eliminates the impact on the lead elbow and shoulder to reduce injuries otherwise incurred by traditional golf mats. For more information view our injury report.

Fiberbuilt Grass Performance

fiberbuilt grass

Using Trackman tachnology (measuring 5 key ball flight factors: Club Speed, Ball Speed, Smash Factor, Launch Angle and Spin Rate) Fiberbuilt performed closer to fairway grass than conventional turf. Read more about our Performance Testing here.

See in slow motion how your golf club can sweep freely through Fiberbuilt Grass.

Rotate Components for Extended Wear

ability to rotate the grass for your golf mats

All Fiberbuilt Grass Panels that are 2′ or more have the capability to be rotated for extended wear.