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Fiberbuilt’s Traditional Golf Mat Foundations are comprised of solid compounded rubber and are available in 3 different sizes. The compounded rubber foundation allows the hitting surface and the stance mat to have a soft but realistic feel underfoot, and also helps maintain the quality and performance of the stance mat and Fiberbuilt Grass.

Fiberbuilt’s Performance Foundations have the ability to be made in custom sizes (in two foot configurations), for the exact mat you were looking for. The Performance foundation is comprised of EPS Pods, and a sturdy rubber frame.

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Performance Foundations

golf mat foundations - fiberbuilt performance golf mat

Fiberbuilt’s Performance Foundations are extremely cost friendly, and provide the high performance that Fiberbuilt stands for. The Performance Foundations consist of a foam shock pad (EPS Pods), with a rubber frame that can be customized into any two foot width, and length.

Performance Foundation most popular sizes are:

  1. 4′ x 6′ Double Sided Mat
  2. 4′ x 5′ Single Sided Mat
  3. 6′ x 10′ Studio Mat
  4. 4′ x 9′ Launch Monitor Mat System

All configurations have the ability to be custom, so we can quote and build your facility whatever you require.

Build Performance Foundation: 4 Easy Steps

Rubber Foundations

golf mat foundations - traditional compounded rubber foundation

Fiberbuilt’s traditional rubber golf mat foundation is manufactured from compounded rubber offering years of durability with a professional look and finish. The rubber foundation holds the turf mat in place, and the Fiberbuilt Grass (or just the turf mat) preventing the mat from shifting and blowing away. There are large drainage holes in the bottom of the rubber foundation to prevent pooling, and the rubber foundation offers a soft and shock absorbent foundation for the golfer.