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Performance Mat Systems

With Fiberbuilt Performance Mat Systems, get all of the durability and performance that you would expect from Fiberbuilt for the price of an individual turf mat. The Fiberbuilt rubber frames and EPS pods provide you with a lightweight but sturdy foundation. We then add our Performance Turf Stance Mat and a shorter section of Fiberbuilt grass to give you all of the benefits of Fiberbuilt, at a fraction of the cost!

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Performance Foundations

golf mats - performance foundation

Fiberbuilt’s Performance Foundation¬†consists of EPS Foundation pods that allow for a light weight custom design. The EPS Pods and rubber foundation allow for custom widths in two foot increments to be built. So pick the one that suits you best!

The Fiberbuilt grass in on course green color provides the optimum hitting surface in terms of durability and performance and aesthetics.

Performance Turf

golf mats - tee mats

Fiberbuilt’s Performance Mat Systems allow the golfer to place a tee anywhere in the stance mat. Don’t forget you can add an adjustable tee or a conventional rubber tee to your Fiberbuilt Grass too.

Fiberbuilt Grass

Fiberbuilt Grass has been proven to the the most realistic, safest and most durable artificial hitting surface on the market and has low friction/resistance fibers will not grab the club. Fairway woods and hybrids sweep through the grass allowing for pure ball contact that provide accurate launch angles and ball spin with no club head bounce.

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