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Golf Practice & Teaching Aids: The Mat Matters

Fiberbuilt is committed to providing golf professionals and their students creative and functional markings on our mats which act as some of the most effective training aids on the market.

When you’re taking the time to practice with, and teach golfers, use a a quality golf mat like Fiberbuilt that will most closely resemble a real fairway. Choose from a wide variety of  different training aid features (on the mats and grass) that remind students of your lessons and ensure that proper habits are ingrained every time they come to your facility.

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Reference Lines Grass Panel

Fiberbuilt Alignment Grass gives you a guideline for the perfect swing every time.

Watch the video to the left for more information and see why Fiberbuilt Alignment Grass can be the perfect addition to your facility or your lessons.

Swing Path Grass Panel

Practice your perfect follow through and swing with Fiberbuilt’s Swing Path Alignment Grass.

Watch the video to the left for more information on how this grass panel could be the perfect addition to your facility, or lessons.

Grid Stance Mat

Keep yourself and your student in “check” when practicing with the Fiberbuilt Grid Stance Mat.

Watch the video to the left to find out more information on how these simple and easy to use grid lines can make your lessons, and practicing golf more effective.