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Golf Range Mats: Fiberbuilt Stance Mats

Fiberbuilt offers you a wide variety of golf range mats for your facility. Our Fiberbuilt stance mats can be bought individually and will fit into your existing Fiberbuilt Foundation. Being able to purchase these stance mats separately for your Fiberbuilt mat system, allows you to only replace what’s worn when it’s worn, saving you money.


Choose from two different styles of stance mats:

  • Our Traditional Stance Mats are a tufted nylon fiber that have been blended with UV inhibitors and are then glued to a closed cell foam to provide the ultimate in durability and shock absorption.
  • Our new Performance Turf Stance Mats feature a long fiber nylon hitting surface that is strong enough to put a tee in it! Our Performance Turf stance mats feature our beautiful on course green color that looks great at any facility!

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UV Inhibitors

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All our stance mats are manufactured using a durable knitted nylon process and are embedded with UV inhibitors so the color will not fade.

Performance Turf

golf range mats - mat that will take a tee

Our performance turf allows for placement of a tee anywhere in the stance mat, and the long fiber design is soft and provides a realistic club turf interaction and ball flight performances.