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Studio Golf Mat Systems

Discover the best golf mat that you can buy. Fiberbuilt Studio Mats!

We can create the ultimate mat for your teaching bay or indoor studio. We have the ability to create the ideal placement for different launch monitors and can create different shapes, sizes, and placement of Fiberbuilt grass.

If you are interested in making your system even larger, you can add a putting green to your studio golf mat making the ultimate teaching station!

Our Studio Mats provide all of the durability and performance that you expect from Fiberbuilt in a mat built to your specifications.

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Performance Studio Stance Mats

Fiberbuilt’s Performance Stance Mats are designed with you in mind. Place a tee anywhere, and count on this mat to last you a long while! Our Ironman testing proves that Fiberbuilt components can withstand 300,000 shots to the same spot before beginning to show any wear. Read more about our Fiberbuilt Durability Testing here.

Fiberbuilt Performance Foundation

Fiberbuilt Studio Golf Mats are constructed of the same components as our Ultimate Tee Line (EPS Pods, Homogeneous Rubber Frame, Performance Turf & Fiberbuilt Grass).

EPS Foundation pods that allow for a light weight custom design, in 2 foot widths and provide a durable and comfortable foundation for the golfer. Goes together in 4 easy steps. Click here to view more.

Fiberbuilt Grass

Fiberbuilt Grass performs like real fairway grass, offering the golfer the most realistic feel and results when practicing.

Click here for more information on our Ball Flight Performance Testing.