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Tee Line

The Fiberbuilt Tee Line offers your range a beautiful look, while providing your customers the best golf range experience. Fit more golfers per square foot when you install a tee line, and experience the best performance and the best durability that you can in a golf mat.

Complete your golf range with one of Fiberbuilt’s three Tee Line options:

  1. Our most popular, Ultimate Tee Line, which consists of Fiberbuilt Grass, Performance Turf Stance Mat, Spacers, and our Performance Foundation.
  2. Fiberbuilt Foundation Tee Line, which consists of Fiberbuilt Performance Foundation, and a long strip of Performance Turf.
  3.  Fiberbuilt Performance Turf Tee Line, which strictly is a roll of Performance Turf.

All Fiberbuilt Tee Lines require little to no ground preparation, and come in an aesthetically pleasing “on course” green color.

Choose the Tee Line is right for you, or contact us, and one of our specialists will be happy to help you make the appropriate selection.

Ultimate Tee Line

Fiberbuilt’s Ultimate Tee Line provides your facility with the optimum hitting surface in terms of durability and performance.

Our tee line can be constructed in almost any configuration to provide your facility the ultimate tee line in terms of durability, ball flight performance , and aesthetics. The Ultimate Tee Line is available in 4, 6, or 8 foot widths with a new “on course” green color.

tee line - best golf mat

Other Tee Line Options

tee line - fiberbuilt golf mat

Tee Boxes

tee line with fiberbuilt performance turf

Foundation Tee Line

tee line with fiberbuilt performance turf

Performance Turf Tee Line

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