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Fiberbuilt offers a wide range of golf tees and sizes to best suit your facility’s needs. Shop our popular adjustable tee that allows you to practice any shot with any club, or discover the traditional rubber golf mat tees that we all know and love.

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Adjustable Tee: Practice Every Shot – With Any Club

Practice any shot with any club of the Fiberbuilt Adjustable Tee.

The new adjustable tee works with every type of club, and performs exactly like a real tee. The configuration of the tee cup provides a similar launch angle condition to that of a real tee. The exclusive Fiberbuilt polymer gives this tee its exceptional durability.

Available in Black or White, or if you’re looking for a custom color, please contact us.

Rubber Tee

The rubber tees are extremely durable and can be very popular for driving ranges. Our rubber tees are available in multiple different sizes, so choose the one that is best for you.