2024 PGA Show Wrap-Up

2024 PGA Show Wrap-Up

It was another great year in Orlando for Fiberbuilt Golf, exhibiting at the 2024 PGA Show. As always, we loved connecting with PGA professionals, general managers, directors of golf and golf course superintendents, whether they're our existing customers or those looking to upgrade their practice facilities with the best artificial hitting surfaces in the industry.

DEMO DAY: January 23
The event started at Demo Day at the Orange County National Golf Center driving range, where we took a slightly different approach from years past, showcasing a pair of tee lines (both Fiberbuilt Grass Ultimate Tee Line and a Performance Turf Tee Line) to show our most popular range offerings. Additionally, we built Studio Mats with each of our three premium hitting surfaces (Player Preferred, Fiberbuilt Grass, and Performance Turf) to allow visitors to hit on each and experience their unique qualities. Despite having to set up more hitting surfaces than ever before, the modular design of our rubber bases made assembly extremely quick and easy (under an hour for the entire demo area).

Fiberbuilt Golf - 2024 PGA Show Demo Day - Easy Setup

Demo Day was massively successful for us as visitors could see firsthand our primary offerings of continuous tee lines that have been fabulously popular in thousands of top facilities worldwide. Additionally, being able to hit on mats that they might integrate into simulator bays gave them a great feel for which hitting surface would be right for them.

Fiberbuilt Golf at 2024 PGA Show Demo Day - Tee Lines and Studio Mats

Specifically, hitting on the Player Preferred Series Center-Hitting Studio Mat proved to be a revelation, as this hitting surface is designed for better players, giving the most accurate launch monitor metrics and incredible feedback in feel and sound. For those visitors looking to install simulators for teaching and fitting studios, this hitting surface became the must-have choice.

FIberbuilt Golf at 2024 PGA Show Demo Day - Player Preferred Series Studio Mat

EXPO: January 24-26
We next took our offerings indoors into the massive Orange County Convention Center, where we experienced a constant stream of visitors for three straight days in our booth. There, we again displayed Fiberbuilt Grass and Performance Turf tee lines, and also included two Studio Mats as well as a short version of one of our Combo Mats (combining a Studio Mat with a premium putting green).

Fiberbuilt Golf at 2024 PGA Show - Expo

We were fortunate to meet a ton of industry decision makers for the first time and introduce them to our products, and we also got to catch up with plenty of PGA professionals we already knew. That included our guy, Steve Pate, a 6-time winner on Tour who helped us in the development of the Player Preferred Series.

Fiberbuilt Golf at 2024 PGA Show - With Steve Pate

Throughout the week, we got a ton of feedback and a few things were very consistent for us:

  1. Our existing customers told us over and over again that we have the best product in the industry, by far. (Hey, to know us is to love us.) The investments that they've made in premium Fiberbuilt tee lines and mats continue to pay dividends, and they love that the modular designs (with a rubber base used in all our products) allow them to easily swap in new turf components when necessary, maximizing the life of their artificial turf practice areas.
  2. New customers were blown away by the tee line offerings we provide, and love how the modular rubber bases can accommodate any length of range and even curves. And the options for hitting surfaces between the uniform rollout of Performance Turf and the hitting strips of the Fiberbuilt Grass tee lines gave them great comfort in being able to identify the right solution for them.
  3. We've never had so many people inquire about mats for simulator setups, and they unanimously agreed that the Player Preferred Series offers the right solutions for their teaching and fitting studios. (And Fiberbuilt Grass mats are right when there's more public simulator play, thanks to its incredible durability and forgiveness on players' joints.)
  4. The pros loved the flexibility provided by our Combo Mats, so they can use them for teaching every part of the game, from full swings to chipping and putting. And they loved the metal cups for the best auditory feedback for their players.

We just want to thank everyone who met with us at the show this year. We always appreciate meeting the great folks in our industry and providing them with our expert guidance on designing the right practice environments for their facilities. If you're interested in learning more about how Fiberbuilt Golf tee lines and mats can best work for your practice areas, call our design consultants at (833) 328-3218 or send us an email.

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