Fiberbuilt Stowable Golf Mats

For a golf hitting mat that’s portable and easy on your budget, our top-tier Fiberbuilt stowable golf mats provide ideal options. The mobile mats do not sacrifice the quality or the fairway feel of the mat; rather, they allow you to turn almost any space into your own golf practice area and then break it down when you need it. These small portable golf mats can easily be stored anywhere in your home and set up quickly, so golf practice has never been more convenient.

These mobile golf mats for the home utilize the same premium hitting surfaces as our other hitting mats, with the same realistic impact conditions and heavy-duty turf. And setup and breakdown for all of our stowable golf hitting mats is completely tool-free. All you need to do is find the time.

If you have any further questions about our Fiberbuilt stowable mats, contact us online or call 833.328.3218 for more guidance on which mat would be right for you.

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