Tee Lines

Combining Performance Turf stance and spacer mats with Fiberbuilt Grass hitting sections, these tee lines provide the optimum in durability for an incredibly long-lasting practice environment. And the engineering of the hitting surface also helps reduce injuries, so your players will be longer lasting as well. Fiberbuilt Grass Series Tee Lines are available in 4’ and 6’ depths and can include a fringe section as well.

Durability + Injury Prevention

Fiberbuilt Grass Series tee lines come in two different configurations. First is the core Ultimate Tee Line, constructed with both Fiberbuilt Grass sections and Performance Turf. The second is the Fringe Tee Line, an upgraded design with a safety border of light rough at the back of the tee line. This border naturally blends with real grass, providing a seamless transition from grass to Tee Line. While both configurations can be constructed in almost any length, the Ultimate Tee Line is available in 4, 5 or 6 foot depths and the Fringe Tee Line is available in 5, 6, 8, or 10 foot depths. Our Fiberbuilt Grass Series tee lines also boast the following features:

  • Multiple hitting surfaces allow practice from virtually any lie or tee height
  • Primary hitting surfaces use authentic Fiberbuilt Grass for maximum life and injury-free practice
  • Standard configuration spaces golfers 10 feet apart
  • Narrow option spaces golfers 8 feet apart, maximizing the number of golfers in your space
  • “On Course Green” color blends seamlessly into a golf course environment and looks as close to a real grass tee box as any synthetic turf product on the market
  • High performance turf allows for tees to be placed anywhere in the mat
  • Little to no ground preparation required
  • Component-based system allows for replacement of worn parts over time at a fraction of the cost of the original installation
  • Assembles in just a few easy, tool-free steps
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Longer Lasting Turf. Longer Lasting Players.

Fiberbuilt Grass Series Tee Lines:
The Ultimate in durability and injury prevention.

Ultimate Tee Line

Ultimate Tee Line

Fringe Tee Line

Fringe Tee Line

Why Choose Fiberbuilt Tee Lines?

Fit more golfers per square foot when you install a Fiberbuilt tee line, and experience the greatest levels of performance and durability available in commercial hitting surfaces. Over 5,000 facilities trust Fiberbuilt because all of our tee lines deliver:

  • Incredible Aesthetics - Great looking tee lines that fit in with the rest of your practice area and provide a great turf look and feel.
  • Premium Construction - The best engineering for sturdy, durable practice surfaces that feel great underfoot. From the heavy-duty base pieces to the stance and hitting surfaces, no one makes tee lines like Fiberbuilt.
  • Totally Customizable - Modular and expandable designs that fit virtually any range configuration, including curved layouts.
  • Fast, Tool-Free Assembly - A base structure that requires little to no ground preparation. Pre-measured and cut pieces means tool-free assembly that can be done on-site in less than a morning.

To design and create the perfect tee line for any facility, our product specialists work with facility teams to take measurements, suggest the right designs and engineer ideal solutions.

Fiberbuilt Tee Lines can be easily configured for the particular size and aesthetic requirements of any range. Please contact us so our specialists can work with you to design the ideal customized practice area.