Brushes with Greatness

Fiberbuilt Manufacturing, a long-standing family brush business in Calgary, developed its first golf mat in 1995 using a proprietary bristle technology, designed to hold the ball well above the base with the idea that players would be able to hit down and through like real turf. The hitting surface, which ultimately evolved into Fiberbuilt Grass hitting strips, proved to not only perform like real turf, but also delivered industry-leading durability and construction that helped players avoid the “turf shock” and joint pain caused by repeatedly hitting on traditional mats.

With this innovation, Fiberbuilt Golf was born, delivering a new take on traditional mats that was ideal for commercial settings like ranges and teaching studios. Building on this hitting surface technology and supporting it with a sturdy, modular rubber base design, Fiberbuilt offered both mats and tee lines, quickly becoming the premium offering for facilities throughout North America.

To fully serve the needs of all practice facilities, the company built out a comprehensive line of products, adding our world-class putting greens as well as fully rounding out our offering of Fiberbuilt Grass hitting mats with both Studio Mats and Combo Mats.

Studio Mats are ideal for both ranges and teaching studios, with single-hitting configurations as well accommodating both right- and left-handed players with center- and double-hitting designs. Combo Mats are great for studios as well, combining Studio Mats with our putting greens to allow for practice through the whole bag.

Thanks to all of this industry-leading technology and broad assortment of commercial practice environment products, more than 5,000 ranges and practice facilities around the world trust Fiberbuilt to provide the ultimate in performance and durability.

Bringing Fiberbuilt Technology Home

Starting in 2018, we looked to expand our offering of commercial-grade practice products to home users, starting with a set of small-footprint consumer mats to supplement our Traditional Mats, Studio Mats and putting greens.

Using Fiberbuilt Grass technology in our oval-shaped Flight Deck and our training-focused Practice Station (complete with holes and grooves for alignment rods), we started to deliver all of the benefits of our incredible commercial hitting surface in a home environment.

Adding these consumer-friendly mats into our line gave home users the ultimate in flexibility and portability, allowing us to make an aggressive entry into the market. This also gave us the ability to serve our customers by selling direct to them on our site as well as through e-Retail partners.

But there was much more to come…

Good Things Come In Threes

Never wanting to rest on our laurels, we wanted to develop additional hitting surfaces to better serve both the commercial and consumer markets, catering to specific needs for a breadth of facilities and golfers in setting up their practice environments. So we added to our Fiberbuilt Grass Series with the Player Preferred Series, a high end technology solution made for better players, as well as the Performance Turf Series, which uses a single surface for both stance and hitting.

Now Fiberbuilt Golf is the only manufacturer to provide multiple hitting surface options to meet the unique needs of its customers. We integrate them into each type of hitting mat and tee line we offer, providing the most comprehensive offering in the industry.

True Launch Conditions + Feedback

The most realistic simulation of real fairway grass with the sound and feel that better players appreciate.

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Durability + Injury Prevention

Incredible durability for long-lasting hitting surfaces and construction that maximizes safety for players’ joints.

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Value + Versatility

Simple, attractive aesthetics in a uniform surface that allows for placing real tees directly into in the turf.

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At Fiberbuilt Golf, we continue to grow and build our operations, constantly working on more and better solutions for the golf practice market. Our main headquarters remain in Calgary, Alberta Canada and we have established a second location in Aberdeen, North Carolina for product assembly and distribution.