Fiberbuilt Golf delivers the world’s highest performance golf mats and tee lines, offering multiple options in four premium practice surfaces.

Studio Mats

The perfect mats for teaching studios or home practice and simulator setups.

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Tee Boxes

Versatile Performance Turf hitting mats that allow for using real tees.

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Combo Mats

Practice full swings, pitching, chipping and putting, all on one incredible mat.

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Putting Greens

A wide assortment of sizes for putting practice from short practice to long lags.

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Stowable Mats

Easy setup and knock-down mats for the most flexible and mobile solutions.

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Tee Lines

Premium tee line options to accommodate the specific needs of your facility.

Premium Golf Hitting Mats, Putting Greens, and Tee Lines

Whether at the range, in teaching studios or at home, Fiberbuilt Golf hitting mats and tee lines deliver the highest quality hitting surfaces to help players improve their games. With premium golf hitting mats, putting greens, Combo Mats and tee lines, Fiberbuilt offers every practice environment needed to accommodate golfers of every level at any location.

Our golf practice mats accommodate both right-handed and left-handed golfers and most feature a modular rubber base for both stability and comfort beneath your feet. We also pay special attention to the joint pain many golfers experience from practicing on hard surfaces and engineer golf hitting mats to help avoid injury, so take care of your body by choosing Fiberbuilt. Our golf mats for the home, studios and ranges are extremely durable and allow for years of use.

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Fiberbuilt Facility Spotlight: Quail Creek Country Club

Fiberbuilt Facility Spotlight: Quail Creek Country Club

After experiencing Fiberbuilt's different hitting surfaces at the 2023 PGA Show, Quail Creek Country Club thought a Fiberbuilt Grass Series Ultimate Tee Line's durability and focus on injury prevention would be a perfect fit for their very busy Arizona driving range.
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