Rubber-Backed Turf

Fiberbuilt’s premium Performance Turf, constructed on a grippy rubber base—the ultimate in traction and utility—provides the best stability and comfort underfoot. Avoid fatigue and joint pain by choosing the right turf hitting mat or tee line with the most comfortable surface.

Tee-In-Turf Hitting Surface

Their dense pile is ideal for practice from a tight lie, and these golf mats and tee lines take real tees. They stand up perfectly in the Performance Turf to practice any tee shot. Create your own tee box or fairway with a tee-in-turf golf mat.

Rubber Base Stable and Easy to Assemble

Thanks to Fiberbuilt’s modular construction bases, assembling our turf hitting mats and tee lines is simple, quick, and totally tool free. While we've removed weight with our ribbed design, the grippy nonslip base is stable and sturdy.

Tee Boxes

With a classic shape topped across the full area with a single piece of Performance Turf, these tee-in-turf golf mats deliver simple, flexible practice.

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Tee Box Combo Mats

Combining our tee-in-turf hitting surface with a premium putting green, Tee Box Combo Mats are ideal for practice with every club in the bag.

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Hourglass Mats

The simple, throwdown Hourglass Mats deliver some of our most economical hitting mat options in small footrpints that perform like full-size mats. These handy mats, with integrated training elements, are perfect for golfers with limited practice space.

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Tee Lines

Our Performance Turf Tee Lines are constructed with a continuous surface throughout the line for maximum flexibility in accommodating multiple players.

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