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Who It's For

The better player who is looking to get maximum feedback in feel and sound, with the most accurate simulation of real fairway grass, especially for practice and play using launch monitors.

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Who It's For

The player who practices A LOT and needs an incredibly durable hitting surface and/or wants to avoid the joint injuries often experienced with repeated impact on most mats (“turf shock”).

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Who It's For

The player who prefers the look of a uniform hitting surface and wants a good value for a premium mat. They also prefer a hitting surface that allows for using real tees directly in the turf.

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How Do They Compare?

Realistic Ball Flight Ultra-Performance Performance Core
True Fairway Feel Ultra-Performance Core Performance
Accurate Contact Point Ultra-Performance Core Performance
Fat Shot Awareness Ultra-Performance Core Performance
Injury Prevention Performance Ultra-Performance Core
Stability Ultra-Performance Ultra-Performance Ultra-Performance
Custom Sizing Yes Yes Yes

How Do You Choose?

There are a lot of factors that go into determining which hitting surface is right for you. For a more comprehensive guide, view our blog post that takes an in-depth look into the decisions that drive the right mat purchase.

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