Fiberbuilt Facility Spotlight: Baltimore Country Club

Fiberbuilt Facility Spotlight: Baltimore Country Club

The Facility
Baltimore Country Club, The Five Farms Golf Courses - Baltimore, Maryland

The Product
Fiberbuilt Grass Series Ultimate Tee Line

 Baltimore Country Club - Fiberbuilt Grass Series Ultimate Tee Line

The Configuration
Two Narrow Tee Lines:

  • 181' x 6'
  • 260' x 6'

 Baltimore Country Club - Fiberbuilt Grass Ultimate Tee Line (6')

The Install Date

The Motivation
Baltimore Country Club is one of only two clubs in the world to have hosted a Men's U.S. Open, a PGA Championship, a Men's U.S. Amateur, a U.S. Walker Cup, a U.S. Women's Open and a Champions Tour Major. With that kind of distinctiveness, it was critical for the club to have the finest tee lines available. Having previously had a glued down tee line, the Membership wanted to get away from its challenges with basic looks, shoddy feel and lack of durability. Instead, they sought out a solution that offered semi-permanent tee lines with long-lasting durability and beautiful aesthetics. They also wanted to maximize the quantity of stalls with 8' spacing. Fiberbuilt Grass Series Ultimate Tee Lines were the best fit for them thanks to their ultra-durable hitting and stance surfaces, which sit into a heavy-duty and stable rubber base, meaning components could be swapped out as needed. Its great looks and customizable components for ideal spacing rounded out the benefits. 

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