Fiberbuilt Facility Spotlight: Medford Village Country Club

Fiberbuilt Facility Spotlight: Medford Village Country Club

The Facility
Medford Village Country Club - Medford, New Jersey

The Product
Fiberbuilt Performance Turf Series Tee Line

The Configuration
150' x 60' Tee Line

Medford Village Country Club - Performance Turf Tee Line

The Install Date

The Motivation
For this premiere club in Medford, New Jersey, having a beautiful aesthetic for their tee line was of primary importance. A close second was durability, as they had previously been exposed to significant issues with sand-fill products. Fiberbuilt Golf's Performance Turf Tee Line was the ideal solution for addressing both criteria. With a uniform, tee-in-turf hitting surface, it provided an incredibly clean look that fits in with the club's attractive grounds. And with its construction being built on a heavy-duty, modular rubber base, the Performance Turf Tee Line was created for easy installation and to be extremely sturdy and long lasting. The rubber foundation also provides exceptional cushioning at impact, which has been easy on members' joints during practice. Overall, it has exceeded the club's expectations in every way.

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