One Golf Mat for Every Club in the Bag? Meet Fiberbuilt’s Combo Mats.

One Golf Mat for Every Club in the Bag? Meet Fiberbuilt’s Combo Mats.

Success and improvement in golf is dependent on being able to hit the full gamut of shots, from bombing driver all the way down to sinking knee-knocker putts. That means practicing golf shouldn’t just be about hitting full swings, right? So why use a golf mat that is only set up for one thing? Well, the answer might be that you usually don’t have a choice, because most golf mats are designed just for hitting. Perhaps it’s time to take a look at a Fiberbuilt Golf Combo Mat.

What exactly is a Combo Mat?
It’s a world-class hitting mat combined with a premium putting mat, allowing golfers to practice every part of their games. The hitting mat portion allows for everything from drives to fairway woods and iron shots as well as wedge approaches. The putting mat allows for both putting and chipping practice on a realistic practice surface. The putting surface runs at a stimpmeter speed of 9 and delivers a true roll as well as natural check-ups on chips. Metal cups also provide authentic sound for reinforcement of good putts.

Fiberbuilt Grass Series Combo Mat - Double-Hitting

What kinds of Combo Mats are there?
Fiberbuilt has three premium hitting surfaces to choose from, each of which combines with Fiberbuilt’s putting turf to create a fantastic Combo Mat. First is the Player Preferred Series with a hitting surface that is engineered for better players who appreciate the incredible feedback in sound and feel at impact, as well as the accurate launch monitor metrics these mats deliver.

Fiberbuilt Player Preferred Series Combo Mat

Second is the Fiberbuilt Grass Series, which has hitting strips that are ultra-durable and let you hit down and through to avoid the “turf shock” often experienced with lesser mats to prevent injuries to your joints.

Fiberbuilt Grass Series Combo Mat - Center-Hitting

Third is the Performance Turf Series, which uses a uniform surface that provides a clean look and feels great under your feet as well as at impact, and even takes real tees.

Fiberbuilt Performance Turf Series Combo Mat

What configurations are available for Combo Mats?
Each of the different kinds of Combo Mats described above is available in various standard sizes and stance configurations. And, thanks to the modular base construction of Fiberbuilt mats, custom sizes can be created for virtually any dimensions you might need.


You can contact Fiberbuilt’s customer service via email or at (833) 328-3218 for guidance on what type of Combo Mat and configuration will be best for you.


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