#1 Augusta National Golf Course: Home to the famous Master’s Tournament every year! The beautiful layout, that constantly is changing to provide challenges to new golfers world wide, the stunning view, how can you say no?


#2 Pine Valley Golf Course: Located in New Jersey USA offers you the ability to practice your strategy, to take in the outstanding design, and provides you with just enough love that you will want to come back again and again. If anyone has played here, please share your photos with us!


#3 Royal Melbourne: Laying on the coast of Melbourne, Victoria Australia the Royal Melbourne Golf Club fits in nice and snug between the ocean and the rolling sandbelt land. Challenge yourself with this courses tricky sand traps, and test your true skill. Best times to go are in November and January.


#4 St. Andrews Links: The original or originals. Catch this stunning course in Fife Scotland. Playing near the cliffs, tackle blind shots with a stunning view. St Andrews extremely large greens will blow you away.


#5 Pebble Beach : The famous Pebble Beach California is home to none other than Pebble Beach Golf Links. Take in the fresh smell of the Pacific Ocean for nine holes and you can witness and hear waves crashing near the course. A little fun fact about this course, it will be hosting the US Amateur in 2018, and will host its 6th US Open in the year 2019.