Putting Tips & Tricks

Learn to putt on the best putting mat on the market!

Here at Fiberbuilt Golf we don’t just have engineers, markers, sales staff, etc; we have some golf pros in the house too! That is how we know what quality products the market needs for successful realistic golf ranges and home users.  We noticed that there was no effective putting green on the market, nothing that anyone swooned over, or was excited about, so our R&D team developed the perfect putting mat for ranges or home users.

The Fiberbuilt Backyard Links are designed for both putting and chipping. We have standard sizes that are available, or feel free to design your own size. Looking for all putting turf and no chipping turf? No problem, we can do that too!

These Backyard Links were a huge hit at the 2017 PGA Show, and we can’t wait to display them again at the 2018 PGA Show!

When practicing putting having the perfect and most realistic turf is only half the battle. You need to kick those bad habits that you’ve picked up on the golf course, train your muscles to know the length of the putt and the weight of your putter. You need to have some tricks up your sleeve, so you can rank with the best of the best. See below for some putting (and chipping) tips and tricks with a Fiberbuilt spin.

1. It’s all about the Roll! Whether you are practicing on your new Fiberbuilt Backyard Links mat, or on the course, when putting make sure you remember it’s all about how you roll the ball, not hit it. The putter should have one fluid motion to give the ball the correct force that it needs to make it to the hole. If you hit the ball with your putter it will make the ball hop, which is what you are trying to avoid.

2. Use a meter stick. When practicing your putts don’t be afraid to pull out a meter stick (or two). The meter sticks will help you learn the weight of your putter, and help your muscle memory learn to gauge how much force you require to make the putt. Do this drill enough, and on the course your brain and muscle memory will come into play!

3. Trying to putt straight? Worried that you’re not keep your putter straight when you go to putt? Try placing two tees just outside either end of your putter and put within the passageway that you have created.

4. Know where to line it up from. A simple trick to remember that can help you learn the green better is if you are putting uphill read the green from behind the ball, if you are putting downhill read the green from behind the hole.

5. Putt, putt, practice! Really the bottom line is there is nothing that is going to make you better than practice, practice, practice!

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