Why practicing golf on the best hitting surfaces is better for your game and your body

Why practicing golf on the best hitting surfaces is better for your game and your body

When golfers think about how they practice, they consider a lot of things… like what clubs they use, how they integrate training aids and swing guides, if and how they use launch monitor technology and even whether they practice outdoors or indoors. But they rarely think about the surface they’re practicing on, especially when it’s artificial turf. We’d argue that this is a consideration that’s (literally) at the base of every practice session and should be optimized for the most effective and safest practice sessions possible.

With over 5,000 installations worldwide at top ranges and teaching studios—not to mention thousands of home setups—we have been exposed to what’s meaningful for golfers to get the most out of their practice sessions, and we have identified key reasons why every golfer should demand to practice on premium hitting surfaces, whether it’s at their club or range, or at home:

When you’re practicing (or playing with a simulator) on artificial turf, it makes sense that you want it to be as close to playing on the course as possible. Having a hitting surface that accurately replicates the impact and launch conditions of real fairway grass should be the top criterion for every golfer if they’re going to get the most out of their practice.
How Fiberbuilt Addresses It: Fiberbuilt has focused development of its three different hitting surfaces to provide the most accurate simulation of real turf and has done extensive testing with launch monitors to ensure exactly that. Its newest hitting surface, the Pure Impact Turf in its Player Preferred Series of mats, is the gold standard for performance. Created for better players, teachers and fitters, this hitting surface is a favorite because it provides the most accurate launch monitor metrics available. This is critical for taking what you learn in your practice (especially your club carry distances) to the course. And it also makes simulator play that much more realistic.
Player Preferred Series Pure Impact Turf hitting surface
Player Preferred Series Studio Mat with Pure Impact Turf hitting surface


Along the lines of maximizing performance is making sure the hitting surface provides the best possible feedback so the player (as well as teachers and fitters) immediately recognizes the difference between a well-struck shot and a fat or thin hit.
How Fiberbuilt Addresses It: The Pure Impact Turf hitting surface includes a Vibration Absorption Layer that eliminates the clubhead bounce often experienced with traditional mats, in which the clubhead slides across the mat and can give a false positive for your contact. Nothing provides better feedback than the Pure Impact Turf in Fiberbuilt’s Player Preferred Series. You'll immediately feel and hear what kind of contact you make with each strike.


Injury Prevention
Golf might not be a contact sport, but it produces its fair share of injuries. Golfers who play and practice regularly can often experience joint pain due to the continual impact with the ground. This is especially the case with older golfers as they are more prone to injuries over time. Perhaps the worst culprit for creating such injuries is poor quality mats, and especially those that do not use a base to offer some level of cushioning. These mats tend to produce “turf shock” at impact, which takes its toll on golfers’ joints when repeatedly hitting golf balls.
How Fiberbuilt Addresses It: All of Fiberbuilt Golf’s mats and tee lines are designed to prevent injuries, starting with the use of a modular rubber base to provide a high level of cushioning and total stability. And while all of the company’s hitting surfaces help prevent impact on the joints, its Fiberbuilt Grass hitting panels are specifically designed to prevent injuries. Engineered with a bristle construction, this hitting surface lets golfers hit down and through as the clubhead slides through the densely grouped fibers. The result is a hitting surface that is incredibly easy on the joints while still providing premium performance.
Hit down and through with the Fiberbuilt Grass hitting surface to prevent injuries
Hit down and through with the Fiberbuilt Grass Series hitting surface


For those golfers who choose to practice or play at home, their setups can be a significant investment, especially when adding launch monitors or full simulator rooms. So they want them to last. Spending their money on poor quality mats generally turns out to be a poor investment, as they need to be replaced more frequently than desired because they compact or wear out too quickly.
How Fiberbuilt Addresses It: Fiberbuilt mats are engineered for the highest levels of durability so it can be many years before any components need to be replaced, if ever. The Fiberbuilt Grass hitting panels mentioned above are ultra-durable for extremely long-lasting usage, with a 300,000 swing guarantee, making it quite rare for any replacements to be required.
And the single surface (for both stance and hitting) of Fiberbuilt’s Performance Turf Series uses a dense pile that doesn’t compact. It also allows the user to hit balls anywhere on the surface so they can avoid continually striking just one small area, which helps avoid excessive wear. And when you consider that the individual turf components of Fiberbuilt’s mats can be flipped to maximize their lives, or replaced over time when worn, it further adds to their longevity.

The single turf surface of Performance Turf Series Tee Boxes.

So whether you’re at a range or practicing at home, it always makes sense to demand the best hitting surfaces possible, so you can get the most out of your practice and keep your body protected. For more information on how Fiberbuilt Golf mats fit these requirements, visit fiberbuiltgolf.com.

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