Fiberbuilt Grass Series Hourglass Pro Studio Golf Mat - Single Hitting

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Experience the ultimate in golf training and practice in a compact design. The Fiberbuilt Grass Series Hourglass Pro Single-Hitting golf mat uses a unique shape to provide a space-saving profile and can be oriented for right- or left-handed golfers. Perhaps more importantly, it integrates key training elements to help you maximize your practice.

The hourglass design reinforces the correct stance width while providing a visual reminder for a proper swing path. The included alignment sticks help you get your aim and ball position right, and also fit into slots molded into the mat's base to guide your clubhead path in the swing. All of these unique features make it easy for you to set up and swing the right way.

The Hourglass Pro utilizes authentic Fiberbuilt Grass to deliver the ultimate in durability with a 300,000 swing guarantee, and also provides the gold standard in injury prevention. Like real fairway grass, you can hit down and through and not have to worry about "turf shock" that hurts your joints.

The modular rubber base allows for easy setup and is incredibly stable so the mat won't move as you swing. It's made from recycled materials and its UV treatment provides the ideal platform for either indoor or outdoor use. The knock-down base design sets up and breaks down in under a minute with no tools so it's easy to move or store as needed.

The kit also includes a ball tray that nests either at the back of the stance area or next to the Fiberbuilt Grass, allowing you to keep your practice area neat and tidy.

The Single-Hitting Hourglass Pro includes these components:
  • One Fiberbuilt Grass hitting panel that provides realistic impact conditions and is ultra-durable
  • A premium Precision Turf for stability and comfort underfoot
  • A 4-piece modular rubber base with integrated grooves to accommodate included alignment rods
  • 4 alignment rods to help guide setup, ball position and club path
  • One 50+ capacity ball tray, shaped to fit the unique contours of the mat
  • One Adjustable Tee to practice tee shots with every club
  • The finished dimensions of this mat are 60" wide x 48" deep x 2" high

For optimum performance, the Hourglass Pro mat should be installed on a firm and level surface like concrete, packed gravel, asphalt or a solid deck. It should not be installed on bare ground or grass.

Parts & Assembly information for the Single-Hitting Hourglass Pro can be found here.

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Fiberbuilt Grass Series Hourglass Pro Studio Golf Mat - Single Hitting
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Fiberbuilt Grass Series Hourglass Pro Studio Golf Mat - Single Hitting
Fiberbuilt Grass Series Adjustable Tee - 2 Pack

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