Fit more golfers per square foot when you install a tee line, and experience the best performance and the best durability that you can in a golf mat.

Fiberbuilt tee lines require little to no ground preparation, and having pre-measured and cut pieces means tool-free assembly can be done on-site in less than a morning. To create the perfect tee line for any facility, our product specialists work with facility teams to take measurements and engineer ideal solutions.


Multiple Configurations

  • Built for any length
  • Can customize for any mat setup
  • Addresses needs of right- and left-handed players
  • Can configure for curves
  • High performance turf allows for tees to be placed anywhere in the mat
  • Multiple hitting surfaces allow practice from virtually any lie or tee height
  • Assembles in just a few easy, tool-free steps
  • Call for consultation on your specific application

Rubber Base

Thanks to Fiberbuilt’s modular construction base, assembling its mats is simple, quick, and totally tool-free. All the rubber base pieces fit together easily and attach in seconds with our easy-lock fasteners.

The base’s support web design uses a ribbed approach for stability and comfort underfoot while removing excess material for lighter weight components that are easily assembled or taken apart.

Rubber Base Construction
Fiberbuilt Grass Technology

Fiberbuilt Grass Technology

Fiberbuilt employs the best in research and development to create top-of-the-line hitting surfaces for our golf mat systems and backs it up with exhaustive testing to ensure we deliver the industry’s most innovative practice solutions.

Fiberbuilt Grass virtually eliminates the impact on the lead elbow and shoulder to reduce injuries otherwise incurred by hitting the hard and unforgiving surfaces of traditional golf mats. Through rigorous testing, we’ve engineered a mat with impact conditions accurately resembling real turf.

Performance Turf

The stance mats and spacers in Fiberbuilt mat systems integrate premium Performance Turf that provides the ultimate in traction and utility. They sit level with the Fiberbuilt Grass strips for the ideal hitting stance, and provide stability and comfort underfoot. As an alternative to hitting on Fiberbuilt Grass, its dense pile is ideal for practice from a tight lie, and real tees stand up in the Performance Turf perfectly to practice any tee shot.

Performance Turf
Teeline at Winterhaven
Teeline at Glencoe
Fiberbuilt Teeline

Fiberbuilt Tee Lines can be easily configured for the particular size and aesthetic requirements of any range. Please contact us so our specialists can work with you to design the ideal customized practice area.

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