Players who are serious about improving their games consistently choose Fiberbuilt for their home practice setups. Whether they use Performance Turf Tee Boxes for their uniform surface and tee-in-turf design, Fiberbuilt Grass Series mats for extreme durability and injury prevention, or Player Preferred Series mats for the most accurate simulation of real fairway grass, they enjoy premium practice and playing experiences.


Hitting Mats

Studio Mats

The perfect mats for ranges, teaching studios or simulator setups.

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Tee Boxes

Simple and versatile Performance Turf hitting mats that allow for using real tees.

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Small Footprint Mats

Ultra-portable small-footprint mats. Multiple sizes and configurations for mats with a tight profile shape and total mobility.

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Combo Mats

Full swing, chipping and putting practice all on one incredible mat.

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Putting Greens

A wide assortment of square and rectangular sizes for putting practice from short putts to long lags.

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