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Realistic Practice Surfaces. For the long haul.

Fiberbuilt Golf provides the platform to take players’ games to the next level, from drives and approach shots to chipping and putting. Whether they favor the true turf conditions, injury-free surfaces, or industry-leading durability of our mats and putting greens, the best courses and ranges around the globe trust the investments in their practice facilities to Fiberbuilt.

Tee Line

Fit more golfers per square foot when you install a tee line, and experience the best performance and the best durability that you can in a golf mat.

9' x 4' Performance Studio Golf Mat - Center-Hitting

This studio mat system allows for quick assembly, provides the ultimate in utility, and delivers the performance that makes Fiberbuilt Grass the best in the industry.

10' x 10' Putting Green

This system offers the best feel underfoot, and it also allows the putting green to be set up in minutes with no tools or landscaping skills required.

4' x 6' Double Sided Mat System Traditional Stance & Nylon Grass

Great solution for busy facilities that count on the Fiberbuilt durability and performance; the mats won’t slide around, accommodates both left handed and right handed golfers.