Player Preferred Series Studio Golf Mat - Single Hitting - 8'x4'

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The Player Preferred Series 8' x 4' Single-Hitting Studio Mat is the ultimate in performance for your simulator or teaching studio. Designed for the better player, Fiberbuilt’s new Player Preferred Series includes the Pure Impact hitting surface that has been launch monitor tested to deliver the most accurate simulation of the launch conditions of real fairway grass.

Its proprietary Vibration Absorption Layer absorbs 94.7% of the clubhead vibration, providing the realistic feel and sound better players prefer, and allows you to attack the ball without hesitation.

The mat's rubber base provides a solid foundation with unmatched shock absorption and will not slide underfoot. Its modular design also allows for easy, tool-free assembly.

A Friction-Fit Tee Holder fits in the hitting panel holes to allow you to use real tees for any type of tee shot. (Note: Fiberbuilt Grass Series Adjustable Tees are not compatible with this system.)

This Studio Mat is 8' wide x 4' deep x 2" tall and includes:

  • Pure Impact Turf hitting panel (2'x4')
  • Rubber-backed stance mat (4'x4')
  • Rubber-backed spacer mat (2'x4')
  • Shock-absorbing rubber foundation
  • Friction-Fit Tee Holder

SKU: PPS-8x4-760-CH

Parts & Assembly information for the 8' x4' Player Preferred Series Studio mat can be found here.

For optimum performance, you should install your Studio Mat on a firm and level surface like concrete, packed gravel, asphalt or a solid deck. It should not be installed on bare ground or grass.

You can customize your Studio Mat to be virtually any size or you can upgrade to a Combo Mat (Studio Mat combined with a putting green) so you can work on your whole game. Call 1.833.328.3218 and speak to one of our design consultants for more information.

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Player Preferred Series Studio Golf Mat - Single Hitting - 8'x4'
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Player Preferred Series Studio Golf Mat - Single Hitting - 8'x4'
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