How a Stowable Golf Mat Could Be the Best Way to Practice at Home

How a Stowable Golf Mat Could Be the Best Way to Practice at Home

You love to practice golf at home. Or play on your simulator. Year 'round, all the time. And that means having a setup that fits your needs and your home, especially when it comes to the mat you choose. For many of us, we don't have the luxury of a dedicated golf practice space at our home so we need to use a multi-use area that forces us to regularly move our mat, for example in a garage where we need to park our car.

(In fact, one of the most common questions people ask us is if they can put their Studio Mat or Combo Mat against the wall in their garage when they’re not using it. The quick answer is “no”. With the weight of their sturdy bases, it’s impractical to try to regularly move them around. And although the modular components can be easily broken down, it can become a trying exercise to do it every time you want to move the mats out of the way.)

So what’s the best option when you don’t have the room or inclination for a semi-permanent golf mat setup at your home? Fiberbuilt Golf has an answer with its series of stowable hitting mats that borrow technology from their larger brethren (and, in some cases, improve upon them). Here are some of the key reasons to consider a Fiberbuilt stowable hitting mat:

Highly Mobile
Sometimes, you simply don’t have a permanent space for your home golf setup, like when your garage has to do double duty between parking your cars and practicing golf. With small-footprint mats that have rubber bases (like the Fiberbuilt Grass Series Practice Station or Hourglass Pro Mats), you can easily break them down thanks to their modular construction and move them around and store them as needed.

Fiberbuilt Grass Series Hourglass Pro Mat Components

Even simpler, the Performance Turf Series Hourglass Mats, which have no base, can simply be rolled up and moved out of the way.

Fiberbuilt Performance Turf Series Hourglass Mat

Fits Anywhere
When you just don’t have the room for a larger mat, a smaller, stowable mat can be an ideal alternative. These mats range from 5’-6’ widths and 3’ to 5’ depths, which opens up a lot more opportunity to fit them into your home when you’re tight on space.  And while they’re generally smaller, they still provide the same great technology built into the larger mats. For example, Fiberbuilt’s Hourglass Pro Mats include the same ultra-durable hitting panels and Performance Stance Turf as the Studio Mats and Combo Mats in the Fiberbuilt Grass Series, so you get the same feel and impact conditions while on a smaller mat.

Fiberbuilt Grass Series Hourglass Pro Mat - Double-Hitting

Integrated Training Elements
Along with the convenient size and portability of the stowable mats, most of them also have unique training components bundled or built in. For example, the Hourglass Mats include four alignment rods to help the golfer with alignment, ball placement and swing path. Adding training features into the mat itself, the Hourglass Pro Mats have slots molded into the base on either side of Fiberbuilt Grass hitting panels to accommodate the alignment rods that come with the mat. These slots help provide swing path guides for hitting straight shots, draws and fades. Additionally, the hourglass shape of these mats provides a good guide for proper swing path.

Fiberbuilt Grass Series Hourglass Pro - Alignment Rods

Taking the training elements one step further, the aptly named Practice Station not only has molded slots for alignment rods, but also has holes in the base in which rods can be stood up to help the golfer identify if they are swaying or hanging back during their swings. The base also has molded slots for laying down the rods to identify proper alignment and ball position, and also has curves molded into the base to guide hand path.


FIberbuilt Grass Series Practice Station Alignment
Fiberbuilt Grass Series Practice Station Anti-Sway

If you want more guidance on which stowable mats would work best for you, get in touch with our customer service experts directly at (833) 328-3218 or


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