By getting the right fit for your clubs it can make your golf game much easier. A club fitting done correctly, can lead to the ability to shoot longer distances, and increase your accuracy.

The reality is sometimes club fittings are sometimes completed on a golf mat. Majority of people will tend to change their swing when swinging on a golf mat, to prevent the club from bouncing off the turf; this causes the club fitting to be inaccurate. However, there is a solution! Fiberbuilt golf mats virtually eliminate the mat effect and will allow the user to swing just as they would on a real fairway. How is this possible?

This is possible because Fiberbuilt grass is manufactured to replicate fairway grass. Check out more information on our performance testing here. By allowing the golfer to swing just as they would on a real fairway, you can guarantee that your club fitting with Fiberbuilt golf mats will be accurate each and every time.


To really improve your game, make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to help make the process easier. Club fittings have tremendous value, don’t discount that.