Golf Mat Accessories & Components

Keep your home practice area or golf simulator studio up to date with all the Adjustable Tees and ball trays you need. Adjustable Tees fit into our Fiberbuilt Grass Hitting Panels and allow you to use one tee for tee shots with any club by simply sliding the tee up or down. And our rubber ball trays, which can hold as many as 200 balls, give you the convenience of quick ball retrieval and will stand up to years of heavy use, indoors or outdoors. The golf mat accessories available at Fiberbuilt Golf will add ease and convenience to your golf practice.

We also offer replacement Fiberbuilt Grass hitting panels for our Fiberbuilt Grass Series mats. Browse our selection of golf hitting accessories and augment your practice setup; whether you need tees, ball trays or replacement hitting panels, we’ve got it all.

For further assistance and answers to any questions about our golf mat accessories, please contact us today.

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