Flight Deck & Golf Practice Station

Our state-of-the-art Flight Deck and golf Practice Station deliver optimized footprints for home use, while providing the functionality of our full-sized mats. The Flight Deck uses Fiberbuilt Grass in an oval shape for omni-direction hitting. If you’re dedicated to improving your game but have space restrictions, the highly portable Fiberbuilt Flight Deck will serve you well, enabling you to improve your swing from just about anywhere.

Let's take it one step further—the Practice Station integrates the Fiberbuilt Flight Deck into a high-traction, modular rubber base that sets your stance at the same height as the hitting surface. And with integrated guide lines and included alignment rods to help guide your swing, it serves as the optimal swing training system. For a portable and effective golf practice experience, pick up a golf Practice Station from Fiberbuilt.

If you have any questions or comments about our Flight Deck or golf Practice Station, please contact us today.

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