Performance Turf Series

Fiberbuilt Golf is proud to offer state-of-the-art golf mats in our Performance Turf Series; they’re a significant improvement over traditional golf hitting mats. Our Performance Turf Series golf mats use a clean-looking, uniform surface for both stance and hitting that feels and performs just like fairway grass. This allows you to hit from anywhere on the mat, which supports longer turf life. The hitting surface lets you to place real tees directly into the turf and is comfortable both at impact and under your feet.

Our Performance Turf Tee Boxes are available in square or rectangular shapes, depending on your personal taste and the space available to you. Each artificial turf tee box is constructed with a shock-absorbent rubber base topped with our artificial turf. The modular rubber base provides a stable, non-slip platform and cushioning for repeated swings to help protect your joints as you practice.

Performance Turf Series Combo Mats combine a tee box with a world-class putting mat, allowing you to practice with every club in the bag. These Combo Mats are also built on a rubber base and include real metal cups in our true-roll putting surface to give the positive feedback of hearing putts fall in the hole.

For the easiest way to get your golf practice going, Performance Turf Series Hourglass Mats are easy, rollout mats that you can just throw down and start hitting, with a grippy rubber backing that keeps the mats from slipping. The Hourglass Mats are available in three different sizes and include a ball tray and 4 alignment rods to support your golf practice.

If you have any questions about the golf mats in our Performance Turf Series, or if you are interested in a custom-sized mat, please contact us today.

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