Performance Turf Series Hourglass Golf Mat Kit - 5'x3'

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The most flexible and convenient golf practice environment is now available in Fiberbuilt's Performance Turf Hourglass Mats. Simply roll out the Performance Turf with its exclusive, ultra-stable non-slip backing, and you're ready to go. The hourglass shape encourages the correct swing arc and stance width, and when you add the included Rubber Ball Tray (50+ balls) and 4 rods to guide alignment and ball position, and you have a complete training solution.

  • Performance Turf delivers realistic ball flight and is soft underfoot, and its tee-in-turf design lets you use your own tees for tee shots with any club.
  • The turf rolls up for easy storage, and the specially engineered backing ensures that it will not crease or fold. 
  • The reversible hourglass shape also allows for more impact locations over time, extending the life of your mat.
  • The full kit includes: Hourglass Performance 5'x3' Turf Mat, Rubber Ball Tray (50+ balls), 4 Alignment Rods.

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